Rittenhouse are making some of the best Relic guitars with great attention to detail, all nitro cellulose paint and quality components. We have chosen the most sought after classic colours with medium to light playwear so that the full effect of the hand polished nitro cellulose finish can come through with Rittenhouse's unique aging process.

There is much debate and opinion about Relic guitars but it's not really about whether your guitar is a real '63 Strat or not. Relic guitars have a feel and easy way that makes them so satisfying to play. All the sharp edges have been taken away, as happens to a guitar after 30 years of playing, as a guitarist you are less worried about the odd mark, it probably has a few already. The result is that you immediately feel at ease and are able to play with more freedom. The other advantage of these luthier built models is that we are able to spec what we want rather than have to take what is on offer.

"In the case of our guitars each one has slightly different pickups and different fret wire to give each a unique flavour while still firmly rooted in the correct period. We have added full period correct Callaham aluminium shielding, fitted Gotoh 510 Vintage bridges with steel tremolo blocks, hand cut bone nuts and Gotoh tuners and matched the tone circuits to each guitar. The result is that not only does each Rittenhouse guitar feel and look great it is packed full of great tones."

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