Callaham Left 1 Ply Parchment Pick Guard 8 Hole '50s

Item number: CA31082

Callaham pickguards are made to fit U.S.A. made Fender reissue or relic guitars, and Pre-CBS guitars. Minor fitting may be required on some Made in Japan and Mexican made Fender models. This 8-hole pattern is the original pattern from late 54 to mid 59.

Callaham says: Getting a good looking single ply guard was very difficult. All that was available was a very bright refrigerator white. We had a 1-ply parchment white material (.060" thick) produced to solve this problem. It is best described as an off white with a yellow hue and was matched to original 56, 57, pickguards that would be considered mint condition. It looks naturally old and gives any guitar a vintage look. It is an acrylic and will not warp like pvc".

We Say: Again this is Callaham at their best, it may just be a pickguard but Callaham is absolutely right, most single ply guards are far too white and not being happy with that they do whatever it takes to get this detail right. It is really hard to capture the subtle colour in a picture but for us this is the perfect Parchment pickguard.


  • 8 HOLE
  • '50s STYLE
  • 0.060" THICK
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