Callaham Stop Bar Tail Piece

Item number: CA23003

Not happy with the CNC made ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge Callaham has now made this Stop Bar Tail Piece, also made one at a time on CNC and then hand shaped, polished an coper free nickle plated.

Machined from the same alloy as the ABR-1 bridge, use of the steel tailpiece will improve note definition and widen frequency response in Gibson style guitars. The tone change is comparable to changing a dead set of strings to a new set of strings. Coupled with the steel ABR-1 bridge, the instrument starts to take on piano like qualities. Notes are crisp yet smooth, switching from bridge to neck is more balanced.

Callaham's tailpiece is compatible with stock Gibson studs and most aftermarket studs. With the steel tailpiece the effects of the studs is minimal. We do suggest the studs are tightened down firmly.

Callaham were concerned with maintaining the vintage look, and with the help of customers with original 50's tailpieces have succeeded. After machining, the tailpieces are sanded and polished by hand to recreate the same look and feel of an original and as a result each one has it's own unique identity due to the handwork performed during the final stages of production. They are only available in nickel plating, which is done with care yielding a graceful finish.

Callaham Stop Bar Tail Piece on YouTube


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