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Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitor 0.01uf

Item number: CH11035

This Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitor is a great upgrade for your guitar tone circuit.  These work particularly well in an LP or 335 style guitar in the bridge position with a 0.02uf in the bridge position.  This combination gives you more control over the neck pickup while giving the control you need over the brighter bridge pickup.

They are also a great value for a Bass as it gives a much more useable range to the tone control without the usual on/off action

A step up from an orange drop, these are built for amps but work great in guitar tone controls.


  • Construction: Polyester/Aluminum Foil/Tape Wrap
  • Tolerance: +/-10% typically much closer
  • Voltage: 600VDC – Tested at 1200VDC (at three stages of production)
  • Leads: 20awg Tinned Copper
  • Size: 26mm x 7mm