Lindy Fralin Aynsley Lister Blues Special Pickups

Item number: LF41012

Aynsley Lister asked if we would send the pickups from his Red Strat to Lindy which after many years of service needed some tender love and care.  While we had them we asked if we could have Lindy make replica sets for us and these are the result.

These Custom Blues Specials are made with 1/2 Alcino 3 and 1/2 Alcino 5 magnets and are wound to 6.2K in the neck and middle and 7.2K in the bridge with a stock stagger and with less of a bevel, almost flat which adds to their fatness.  The Covers on his set are a tad more "Minty" but that is what 20 years of playing will do to them.

You can hear these on Aynsley's recordings as when you hear a Strat it is invariabley his Red Strat which he has used on every album that he has made and has only recently got a second Strat so up to now these are pretty much it.

The Alcino 3 magnets give the highs a sweeter sound resulting the tonal balance that Aynsley likes so you get all the fatness of the Blues Specials but with a sweeter high, what's not to like.  In addition they are fitted with a base plate and will give you 10% more bass without affecting the mids or highs.

This set has an RW/RP reverse wound/reverse magnetic polarity middle pickup for hum cancellation in the 'out of phase' positions two and four on a five way pickup selector switch. 

Lindy's custom made mint pickup covers and mounting hardware are included, you can choose alternative pickup covers from the drop down below, we also offer Art of Aging covers at a discount when purchased with a set of pickups.


  • Alnico 5 magnets Stock Stagger
  • 42 gauge SPN magnetic wire


  • Neck: ~6.2K ohms
  • Middle: ~6.2K ohms Reverse Wound
  • Bridge: ~7.0K ohms

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