Guitar Conductive Shielding Paint 60ml with 2 Heavy Duty Copper Foil

Item number: CH50008

This is a complete shielding kit for your Strat and is the most effective way to shield your instrument. When you plug into your amp the shielded surfaces are connected to ground which significantly reduces noise, hum and interference. You just apply 2 coats of the Shielding Paint and fit the Copper Shield under your pick guard, the Copper Shield and Shielding paint encloses everything in a shielded space which virtually eliminates the noise associated with single coil equipped guitars.

Other guitars with rear access control cavities can also be treated with this kit as they also pick up noise, some manufacturers paint a light coat of shield paint in the cavity but rarely do it properly coating the sides and with 2 good coats. With this kit you can use the copper foil to shield that back of the cover as well.

The kit includes:-

Full Colour Instructions: Including step by step picture guide of how to mark cut and stick the Copper Foil.

60ml of Concentrated Carbon Graphite Shield Paint: This particular formulation is especially effective in screening out the noise that affects single coil equipped guitars. I use this in my Nash which is a great guitar but suffered from a lot of noise and is now almost totally silent. Many others have experienced the same after treating their guitars with my shield paint and have tamed noisy instruments.

2 X Heavy duty copper foil: 23cm x 30cm of heavy duty self adhesive Copper Foil for the back of your pick guard and which is wide enough to cover your pick guard in one piece, 20cm/200mm wide is not quite wide enough.

Additional parts: Stick to stir the paint, a quality application brush and heat shrink sleeve for the jack terminals to stop them grounding on the shielded surface as space in the jack route is tight.

This is a very effective kit and will all but eliminate the noise associated Single Coil Guitars. I could go on and on but all you really need to know is that it works, really well.