Guitar Conductive Shielding Paint with Full Aluminium Shield

Item number: CH50003

This is a complete and ultimate shielding kit for your Strat and is the most effective way to shield your instrument. When you plug into your amp the shielded surfaces are connected to ground which significantly reduces noise, hum and interference. You just apply 2 coats of the Shielding Paint and fit the Aluminium shield under your pick guard, the heavy duty Aluminium Shield picks up a good deal of the interference and together with the Shielding Paint encloses everything in a shielded space which virtually eliminates the noise associated with single coil equipped guitars.

The Shield is 0.4mm aluminium just as was used on the early 60's Strats and gives superior shielding when compared to other methods. This is the way that it was done in the 50's and 60's before cost cutting came into effect that reduced the shielding to a thin aluminium foil and then a tiny piece just where the controls are which just does not work at all. It is only the Custom Shop Strats that have the full aluminium shield.

Leo Fender was a radio engineer and knew all about interference and how to deal with it and this is what he came up with and it really works. The Shield is very versatile with the 50's 8 hole pattern and the early 60's 11 hole pattern, the holes are slightly over sized to allow for small differences and will work with almost all Strat type pick guards. The shield is also robust enough to carry the earth between the pots without the need of a connecting earth wire. If you look at pictures of 60's Strats on the internet you will see that this is how they were wired.

The kit also includes Full Colour Instructions, 30ml of Concentrated Carbon Graphite Shield Paint, a stirring stick, application brush and a length of heavy duty self adhesive copper strip to make contact with the shielded pick guard and a piece of heat shrink to go over the Jack Socket connections to stop unwanted earthing.

Contents :

  • 30ml Shield Paint
  • Aluminium Shield
  • Self adhesive copper strip
  • Application brush
  • Stiring stick
  • Heat shrink

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