Art Of Aging Aged '62 Brown Tortoise Pickguard

Item number: AA31063

These are some of the best quality guards avaiable on the market.  A Premium Grade '62 4 layer Brown Tortoise Pickguard for Strat Style guitars, this is a lovely Red Tortoise colour and has a genuine celuloid top layer.

These 11 Hole 4 ply Vintage Brown Tortoise pickguards are made in Japan and cut from a vintage 62 template and fits Genuine Fender American Vintage 62 models and are great for your relic build projects and upgrades and will fit US, Mexican reissue and vintage strats.

These are among the best replacement guards that you can get.


  • '62 hole pattern (top hole further from middle pickup)
  • Dirt build up
  • Discoloured center panel between the pickups.
  • Slight screw pull.
  • Superficial cracks and truss rod scoop.

Made from US template so will fit US/Mexican and vintage Strats.

Each guard is hand aged, so each guard will be slightly different from the pictures.

We recomend a full Aluminium Shield Plate which when bought together with this item is at a discounted price.


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