Guitar trial

When you buy a guitar from our web site you can try it out at home for 7 days and if for any reason you feel that it is not right for you then you can return it to us for a full refund.

You will have to pay for the cost of shipping back to us but we will refund to you the full amount that you have paid less the shipping charge, UK only.

Of course the guitar will have to be in the same condition as when we sent it out to you. All guitars that we ship will have been checked over, intonated and set up and we ask that, even though it may not be entirely to your liking, you do not change the settings. We ask that you keep it in the case at all times, when not playing, and do not take it out gigging.

I have always found that trying out guitars in a store to be quite difficult. It is often noisy with a Slash imitator rocking it up, the store is either really big or really small and so you can't get a good idea of how the guitar sounds and most importantly I have always felt that I don't know how a guitar sounds until I plug it into my amp with my set up in a space that I am familiar with and can sit down and noodle away for a couple of hours.

The 7 days is from the day after you have received the guitar, including weekends, and if you do wish to return it you will need to email us within that 7 days and ship it 2 working days after that. So for example if you receive the guitar on Friday then you have until the following Friday to apply for a return then as Saturday and Sunday are not working days you will need to have shipped it by the following Tuesday.