Hi Jeremy,

Order just received! Fast and accurate, as usual.

You are becoming my reference guitar parts reseller in Eu and once again I do know why!

Many thanks and regards

Fabio, Bari Italy.

Hi Jeremy,

Never felt the need to leave feedback after any online purchase before, but felt Charles Guitars deserved it. Ordered these components for a complete rewire of a Gretsch G5435t. Very impressed with quality of the parts received, the packaging and the fast (and cheap) delivery. The partial refund on the first order P&P, after ordering more parts later that day, I am very grateful for too. I have several mates interested in upgrading their own guitar electronics and I will be sure to send them your way.

Many thanks,

Tom, Horesham 

Hi Jeremy,

Don't do social media, but would like to thank you very much for the excellent service! Just received the Callaham VN and it looks a very nice bit of kit and just what I wanted - will be fitting it this afternoon! Not cheap, of course, but anything decent imported from the US never is, is it?!

Peter, Cambridgeshire.

Dear Jeremy,

I received the saddles and fixed them to my telecaster ,I am very pleased with them as I now have perfect intonation. The saddles that came with the guitar were the old 1963 type with a thread all the way along the length of them and they would not slant so the intonation was way out .  Many thanks.

Roger, Surrey.  Callaham Slant Compensated Stainless Steel Tele Saddles

Hi Jeremy,

Over the past week I've ordered an RS modern tele upgrade pre-wired kit, and then an electrosocket jack that I forgot to order the first time from you... Both were delivered very quickly and well-packed, thank you. I must say that the telecaster sounds like a different guitar, really clear with a lot more treble and generally a wider-spectrum sound. Also, as my soldering is garbage, the pre-wired option was a godsend. Believe the hype! Thanks again.

Pete, Norfolk; RS Guitarworks Modern Pre-Wired Tele Kit

Great kits Jeremy.

I previously bought a tele kit and it's fab - very neat and professional. You're taking on the yanks at their own game and I think you're the best in the UK for these things.

Cheers Duncan, Short Shaft Les Paul Jupiter Kit

Hi Jeremy,

I just have to tell you, the wiring kit arrived this morning and i didnt waste any time getting it fitted.

Wow! my already superb strat now sounds even bigger, warmer, fatter etc and sustains forever.... worth every penny!

Thanks again and have a great Christmas,


Hi Jeremy

Just wanted to send a thanks for getting the Lindy fralin broadcaster pickups to me so quickly. I've installed them in the telecaster already with the new pots, cap and jack. Did it last night.

The pickups are fantastic. Exactly what I was after from the telecaster. It's like a different guitar!! I will still get one of the Callaham bridges, but that won't be until next payday at the end of January.

I'm glad I got these pups instead of the bare knuckle flat 50's as I was worried they would be too hot. The fralins are just right. 

Mark, Northamptonshire

Hi Jeremy

I tried about 7 different sets of Strat pickups from various brands before I tried Amalfitano's. Nothing ever seemed quite right so I was always looking for that special something that was missing. Ever since I loaded in the Hot '62's I've not wanted to take them out, it's that simple! They are the most organic pickups I've ever tried - clear and articulate, punchy and raunchy when overdriven. Also because of the softer magnetic field of the pole pieces they allow the strings to vibrate very naturally meaning the whole thing now sustains for ever! The only way these are coming back out of the guitar is if I manage to get my hands on one of his other sets!!"

Aynsley Lister (yes that Aynsley Lister www.aynsleylister.co.uk) on Amalfitano Hot 62's

Hi Jeremy

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice and for accommodating my requests re cap and wiring. Finally got around to fitting the switch this week, along with a set of '51 Nocaster p'ups. It's now a top class guitar

Keep doing a fantastic job.

Glen, East Cowes

Hi Jeremy

Just had my Tokai Stratocaster upgraded with your pre wired premium vintage kit,Callaham pickup base plate and callaham pick guard shield.. The improvements are incredible! It sounds so much better (it sounded pretty good before) Its so much more of everything a strat sound is known for,twangy,quacky with bite attack,shimmer and bell ring tones.Of course I changed the pickups too! Kent Armstrong tweed tone but the whole package coming together has made a good guitar a great guitar.I have no hesitation in using you again with other upgrades to my collection or recommending you to other people.Your prompt delivery was also a bonus.Thank you.

Steve, Mottingham

Hi Jeremy.

Many thanks for this. That makes everything clear. Sorry for the delay in replying, for reasons known only to my phone company your message arrived only today. You've been a massive help and there are many big companies who could learn from your customer support. I really appreciate all the effort you've gone to.

Glen, (Charles Guitars 4 Way Jupiter Teele Pre-Wired Kit)

Cheers Jeremy,

I have to say the replacement trem is brilliant!  (Callaham Vintage Strat Bridge Kit) Noticeably heavier than the fender Japan vintage trem it replaced and it sounds noticeably brighter.  Will need to seriously think about upgrading the block on my 1988 US std delexe.

Martin, Duxford

Hi Jeremy

I've now "released the tone" of my guitar with the Callaham Vintage Block you sent me. Can't believe the difference between that and the dead sounding zinc one that was fitted as standard, and importantly, my trem arm now no longer wobbles! Absolutely brilliant! Cheers!

Terry, St Helens


Very much appreciated for your very speedy delivery,
I ordered the item yesterday almost at end of hours and received it before mid day today when I'm nearly the opposite end of the country . Excellent service, excellent price and well packaged,
Thank you 

Mark, Aberdeen

Hi Jeremy,

What a difference. Everything is much cleaner and clearer and there a noticeable increase in sustain. I am glad I made the upgrade. I certainly will consider doing this to some of my other guitars. Also your customer service is excellent. Thanks again for such first class service.

Kind regards,

Reggie, in Whitehead, RS Guitarworks Tele Pre- Wired Modern Kit.

Hi Jeremy,

I received the RS Superpot yesterday and soldered it in my 74 Stratocaster. My impression so far is that it takes away the need for a treble bleed which is a very nice feature. The volume pot also looks and feels very solid. It is quiet with an even taper. I am very satisfied with the item so far.

I also appreciate your very fine description on how to solder with first class results. I am sure this will be a great help for customers that unlike myself do not have adequate experience with soldering. I think this information speaks for your taking good care of your customers.


Espen, Akershus, Norway, 280K RS Guitarworks Superpot.

Hi Jeremy

I'm very happy with them, thanks for the info, that has answered the question I will definitely buy again sometime, your advice and product is second to none.

Thanks again 

Alan, Castlebar, Pre-Wired Vintage Electronics Kit with LuxeBumble Bees.

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for a very professional service regarding my order. It's unusual to find someone that has everything you ask for in stock and able to send it so quickly. Everything I ordered has been installed and it is all working perfectly and sounding fabulous!

Thanks again and kind regards to everyone at Charles Guitars,

Simon, Eastourne. SVL Daytona Set, Callaham Vintage Bridge Kit, Callaham Aluminium Shield etc..

Hey Jeremy

Just installed the wiring in my Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded and it sounds absolutely incredible. Very woody and vintage sounding. So much more clarity even with a lot of gain. Thanks for the great service and product! I'm very happy.

Lee, Dorset: RS Guitarworks Pre-Wired Vintage Electronics Upgrade Kit with Luxe Bumble Bees

Hi Jeremy

Wow, its true what they say the service you provide your customers is truly top class.

Thanks for your response and for the very clear answer and the photos. I'm just going to pop in the new harness and go. Thank you very much

Paul, Cheltenham


My Fender Jazz went all quiet during the first set and I had to turn the amp up full to struggle to the end. Investigations led me to suspect the tone capacitor as it read dead short, thus grounding the signal. I cut it out and volume was restored, albeit with no tone control. The components used by guitar manufacturers nowadays defy belief, even respected makes like Fender, they are just rubbish, so I searched the web and found Charles Guitars who have a good range of spares, including the 'orange drop' caps which are well respected. I ordered a couple and they were here within 48hrs. I also asked a tech question about another guitar I have and Charles Guitars were as helpful as they could be.

Having found and used a reliable company, I will be a return customer when I need anything else.

Nick, Cumbria


Just wanted to say that my order came to day thanks and I will be ordering more stuff soon thanks all the best.

Steve, Huntingdon

Hi Charles, nice web site there! Good to see another fan of the RS Guitarworks parts and components. I have ordered direct from RS in the past but now I know that you are here then I shall check your web site first. Best regards,

Hi Darren, if we dont have the exact item just ask and we will get it in with our next shipment-Jeremy Charles.


Hi All

Thanks to Charles Guitars for the very quick, next day delivery of my guitar parts.
I found the quality of the parts to be as advertised and good value. The high quality of the parts has made a great upgrade to my guitar, I have more control with the volume and tone potentiometers (pots) and has cleaned up the sound of my guitar.

Once again thankyou Charlesguitars for an excelent service.

Edith, Bangor


I appreciated your kindness, and professionality, very good person and seller,and I will bought other items from you, thanks again ciao .

Nicola, Rome

Hi Jeremy

The website has a really good selection of quality components for repairing, upgrading or building electric guitars, all competitively priced with very reasonable shipping charges. Quick delivery of my order too! The weight-based, banded shipping charges are a nice touch and mean one doesn't end up paying over the odds for delivery on small packages. A good service all round - long may it continue.

James, Newcastle

All at CG

Just used Charles Guitars for the first time. On line service good and order received within a few days. I will definately use them again.

Nick, Roxbughshire