Blend Potentiometer for Stratocaster

Item number: CH13005

This Blend Pot when fitted to a Stratocaster and wired with the enclosed instructions allows you to blend the neck and bridge pickups together or all three pickups.

The Blend control replaces the bridge tone control and so the guitar has a Volume, Master Tone and Blend control. With the Blend on 10 everything opperates in the normal Strat way. When the selector switch is in position 1 and 5 and the Blend is on 0 the neck and bridge pickups are connected so you get that TELECASTER sound.

In position 5 (Neck) when you turn down the blend you gradually bring in the bridge and in position 1 (Bridge) you gradually bring in the neck so they actually sound different. In position 2 and 4 you can blend in the middle pick up so you have all 3 but as before the two positions sound different. In position 3 only the middle pick up is selected as normal.

In addition because its a pot and not a switch as you turn the Blend Control down the other pickups come in gradually so you can add a little BITE to the neck pickup or take the edge off the Bridge pickup. In addition this is a true no load pot.