Gotoh Tele Bridge Nickel "in Tune" Titanium Saddles TI-TC1N

Item number: CH22069

This unit is made in Japan by Gotoh and has a nickel plated bridge plate with Gotoh's "In Tune" titanium saddles which are reversable and so can be used in any position and have the straight vintage look but deliver precise intonation.

Gotoh is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high-quality replacement guitar parts and this is a replica of a vintage Tele bridge.  The bridge is a direct replacement for USA Teles and other guitars with the same drill pattern.

Titanium saddles have a bit more note separation than brass with a bit more clarity and upper harmonics with a quicker attack.


  • In Tune Titanium Saddles
  • Nickel Plated
  • Supplied in Gotoh Packaging.
£57.50 No UK VAT applied (exc. 20% VAT)