Kluson 3 Per Side Single Ring - Single Line Tuners Shiny or De-Shined

Item number: CH23006

This 3 per side set of Kluson tuning machines was used on vintage Gibson models such as the Les Paul, SG, 335 and others. Also used on the Epiphone Casino and current Epiphone production of Les Paul and SG 400 models. This model Kluson tuning machine is also a direct replacement for all current re-issue 50's and 60's Gibson production and other series that utilize a vintage style individual tuning machine. These are six individual tuners, 3 per side(not on a plate). All hardware including bushings and mounting screws are included in the set. 

You can add a set of Stainless Steel screws form the drop down menu below, these are more robust than the screws supplied and we always use them.

Please note: If you are retro-fitting a vintage instrument that has been modified or putting this vintage style tuning machine on a modern instrument you may also need to purchase adapter bushings to convert a larger size peghole to vintage size to allow for proper fit and function. 

Historically used on: 

1956 - 1959 Gibson ES-175 
1956 - 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard 
1959 Epiphone Crestwood Custom 
1959 Epiphone Broadway 
1958 - 1959 Gibson ES-335 
1958 - 1959 Gibson EDS-1275 Double 12/6 double neck (3 sets needed) 
1958 - 1959 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin 6 string guitar/mandolin double neck (2 sets needed) 
1959 Gibson EB-6 
1956 - 1959 Gibson J-160E 
1952 - 1959 Gibson J-185


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