Guitar Conductive Shielding Paint 30ml Kit

Item number: CH50002

This is the most effective way to shield your instruments pickup and control cavities, you just paint on 2 coats and it's done. With the cavity coated with the Shield Paint and connected to earth your wiring is in a shielded space and the interference that would be picked up by your wiring is sent to ground. This will significantly reduce hiss, hum and other noise from your signal.

What is in this Kit:

The kit includes everything you need to effectively shield your guitar.
- Full Detailed Colour Instructions covering the shielding of Gibson type and Fender type control and pickup cavities.
- 30ml of especially formulated Carbon Graphite Shield Paint that we have tested and supplied to hundreds of satisfied guitarists over the years.
- A stirring stick and application brush.
- Heavy duty self adhesive copper strip to make contact with a shielded pick guard or control cavity cover
- Heat shrink to go over the Jack Socket connections to stop unwanted earthing.
- An earth fly lead which is needed to carry the earth to the shielded surface if you are not shielding the pick guard or if the cavity area is nor already connected to earth.

This paint works really well to shield Strat and Tele type guitars as well as control cavities accessed from the back of guitars like those in Les Pauls and PRS etc where the wiring and controls can pick up interference. Gibson do shield some of their control cavities but it's very haphazard and is usually just splashed on the bottom and not up the sides and is really not thick enough.