Pre-Wired Aged Parchment Pickguard FREE WIRING

Item number: CH16056

Our Pre-Wired pickguards are individually assembled to your specification.

We start with a standard configuration of Lindy Fralin Pickups, CTS TVT pots, CRL switch, Jupiter capacitor, vintage cloth wire, aluminium shield plate switchcraft socket and a set of 11 stainless steel counter sunk screws.

From the drop down menus choose your Lindy Fralin pickups, you can then upgrade the volume to an RS Guitarworks Superpot.  Then choose any of the capacitors listed, if you choose the Luxe 52-58 we use black cloth wire as that is how it was done during that period.  Next select the tone control configurations or if you want the Blend Control and Master Tone option. Go on to choose the colour of the covers, knobs and tips and lastly if you want the '62 or the '64 hole pattern.

We would recomend an RS Superpot in the volume position and ecpecially with the RS Vintage 0.047uf and Luxe caps which are 0.1uf which is all of them except the 64-71. 

We wire the whole thing up FREE OF CHARGE you just pay for the parts.

Solderless Connection:

You can add our Solderless Connection System from the drop down below.  We solder the high quality machined male and female gold plated micro connections to the wires coming from the pick guard and to the socket.  The connectors are small enough to pass through the hole from the socket cavity and into the main control cavity, you then slide on the supplied heatshrink, make the connections and slide the heatshrink back and use a soldering iron on the heat shrink sleeve to insulate the connection.


  • Art of Aging Parchment pickguard (choice of '62 or '64 hole pattern)
  • Art of Aging plastic hardware
  • Aluminium shield plate
  • Lindy Fralin pickups
  • CTS-TVT potentiometer (upgrade to RS Guitarworks volume Superpot)
  • CRL 5 Way switch
  • Choice of tone control wiring or Blend Control
  • Jupiter Capacitor 0.05uf (upgrades as list)
  • Vintage cloth push back wire throughout
  • Lengths of black and white cloth wire for connections to the socket
  • Switchcraft Socket
  • Stainless steel countersunk pickup and switch mounting screws 
  • 20 stainless steel screws for pickguard and back plate.

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