Curt Mangan 9-42 Nickel Plated Guitar Strings

Item number: CM51007

Curt Mangan 9-42 Electric Guitar Nickel Wound Set.

This set is built in Cortez Colorado using only USA Made wire. The shiny round plain strings and hex-shaped cores for the wound strings are tin-plated, high-carbon #A-228 music spring wire. The winding on the wound strings is nickel-plated steel wire which has become the most popular electric guitar string alloy since the late 1960’s.

You will enjoy balanced tone with a superb blend of highs, mids and lows and the easy bending yet solid feel of the 9-11-16-24-32-42 gauging. All strings are 43 inches long.

Curt Mangan strings are made in Cortez Colorado using only USA made wire.  There are loads of reviews out there and nary an ill word, these really are great strings with great tone that tune to pitch quickly and settle fast.


  • No. of Strings: 6-String Set
  • Gauge Range: 9 - 42
  • Gauges: 9-11-16-24w-32w-42w. (Plain 3rd)
  • Wrap Material: Nickel-Plated Steel
  • Construction: Round Wound
  • Hex Core: Round CoreHex Core
  • Ball End: Double Ball EndBall End
  • Coated: Non-Coated
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