ABM 2500N-RE Bell Brass ABR-Style Nickel Bridge Kit

Item number: AB23009

This direct replacement ABR-1 bridge is perfect for Gibson Historic Les Pauls, 335 and other guitars that use an ABR-1 Bridge with vintage threaded posts.  This bridge is milled one piece at a time on a CNC from a single billett of Bell Brass and then hand polished and nickel plated to a very high standard.

Almost all other Tune-O-Matic style bridges apart from Callaham, are zinc die cast and always have been because it was the only way to produce complex shapes back in the day, no CNC's in the 50's.  What no one realized was that zinc is a terrible material for use in a guitar bridge, no other bridge is made from zinc it is always steel or brass, zinc is virtually incapable of promoting harmonic overtones relying on the power of the pickups to do all the work.

With the ABM ABR-Style bridge you will notice a much more even tone across the plain and wound strings, a clearer more defined tone with the lows clearer and punchier and the highs less spiky.  You will notice an improvement in the way a note blooms, sustains and rings, it is just much more musical.

It is not essential to replace the threaded studs as this requires some care so as not to cause the finish to flake and are suplied primarily for new builds so you can just replace the thumb wheels and the bridge for almost all of the benefits.

Please note that the bridges are supplied unnotched so that the string location can be correctly matched to your instrument. Instruction regarding notching can be found in the support area of the 2500 Guide.

In the Kit:‚Äč

  • 1 ABR-1 Style Nickel Bridge in Bell Brass
  • 1 Set Vintage Studs
  • 1 Set Thumb Wheels
  • 1 Spare saddle with screw
  • 3 Spare retaining clips



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