Callaham Locking Tailpiece Studs

Item number: CA23008

These studs and inserts are made from steel bar and they are the only stud available that allows for the tailpiece to be raised and still remain fully locked to the body. They are only available in 5/16"-24 thread which is standard on Gibson instruments.

Installation of Callaham Tailpiece Studs:
Studs are made to fit guitars with 5/16"-24 threaded inserts. If you have these inserts, do not remove them as you will damage your guitar. The inserts we provide are only for new construction.

The Studs come with 3 graduated bushings to set the tailpiece to accommodate different back angle requirements you may encounter.
The tallest set of bushings is to simulate "top wrapping" of the tailpiece for the least amount of back angle.
The thinniest bushings replicate the height of a stock Gibson stud fully installed.
All 3 bushings have their advantages and only through experimentation will you find what you like best.
When tightening the studs DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVER. Please use a coin or specialized driver.