Bigsby B5 Fully Callaham Enhanced

Item number: CH24080

This Bigsby B5 has been upgraded by us and is fitted with the following Callaham upgrade parts.

Callaham Front Roller:

All guitars equipped with a Bigsby B5 or B7 Vibrato suffer greatly from reduced frequency response and sustain because the standard roller is a piece of hollow tube with brass bushes at the end.  This hollow tube is very poor at conducting the string vibrations to the body.

Callaham's upgrade kits provides a solid, stainless steel front roller and axil that will widen the frequency response and sustain to where it should have always been. The roller is polished to a mirror finish and is grooved to maintain string alignment. This is a simple retrofit and pays huge dividends.

Callaham Main String Shaft:

If you have a bigsby then you need this!! NO YOU REALLY DO.  Why did no one do this ages ago

This upgrade eliminates the years of problems and frustration of a Bigsby Vibrato restringing. This again is a polished stainless steel shaft that is counterbored for the string ball ends. Thread the string through the hole and up to the tuner. Works for all models and comes with retaining clip.

Callaham 360 Arm Bracket:

Only Callaham could and would make this, machined from a block of aluminium and polished to perfection this is the final part for your bigsby upgrade

This is a precision machined arm bracket that allows for full 360 rotation for the vibrato arm. This allows a player to position his picking hand without limit and maintain control of the vibrato.

Bigsby Specifications:

  • Model Name: B-5
  • Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
  • Manufacturing Method: Cast
  • Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
  • Approximate Weight: 287 Grams/10.1 oz.
  • Overall Length: 4 3/4”/120.65mm
  • Overall Width: 3 3/4”/95.3mm