Blender 5 Way Strat Pre-Wired Jupiter Kit

Item number: CH16020

- Features CTS TVT Matched Set Potentiometers

- Jupiter Vintage Tone Mustard Capacitors.

Our 5-Way Kits are hand assembled buy us in the UK to improve your tone!  We take great pride in using the best components that work and sound better than the stock electronics often found in your guitar.  We start by sorting through the already great CTS Total Vintage Tone “TVT” pots to create matched sets to give you an even response when rolling down your volume and tone controls.  We then fit a Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitor which are designed as a replacement for the Blue Moulded and Yellow Astron capacitors used in early Blackface and 60’s Fender amps and now used by boutique amp builders including Dr Z Amps and many others.  These are way over spec for a guitar tone control but offer a clear smooth control and most importantly they sound great!!

This is a 5-Way Strat prewired assembly for Stratocaster style guitars featuring 3 single coil pickups. It will drop into most Mexican or American Fender Strats with no modification. Wired with 22 AWG vintage push-back wire for that vintage look and sound. If you are installing this on a guitar with metric sized pots you may need to ream your control plate holes to accept the slightly larger US-Spec pots and buy US-Spec knobs.

Our Blender wiring has 1 volume, 1 master tone, and a Blender pot. In the neck position you can blend the bridge pickup in as much as you want. In the bridge position you can blend the neck pickup in as much as you want. In positions 2 and 4 you can have all three pickups on at once. The nicest part about it is the fact of it being so user friendly.

In the Kit:

  • (2) TVT CTS 250K Split Shaft Matched Set Potentiometers with 9.5mm (3/8") Shaft Diameter and 6.0mm Threaded Length.
  • (1) CTS 250K Blender Pot with 9.55mm (3/8") Shaft
  • (1) CRL 5-Way Switch 
  • (1) Switchcraft 1/4" Mono Input Jack 
  • (1) 0.05uf Jupiter Yellow Vintage Capacitor. 
  • *(0.022uf are used with 500K-Ohm Pots Option)* 
  • Wiring Diagram

Control Layout:

  • Master Volume
  • Tone
  • Blend

Switch & Blender Pot Funcion:

With the Blend Pot on 10 the 5 Way switch acts in the normal way

  1. Bridge
  2. Bridge & Middle in Parallel
  3. Middle
  4. Middle & Neck in Parallel
  5. Neck

As you turn the Blender Pot towards 1:

Position 1: Bridge w/ Neck Pickup Faded in

Position 2: Bridge & Middle w/ Neck Pickup Faded in

Position 3: Middle

Position 4: Middle & Neck w/ Bridge pickup Faded in

Position 5: Neck w/ Bridge Pickup Faded in


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