Long Shaft Les Paul Premium Pre-Wired Jupiter Kit

Item number: CH16025

- Features CTS TVT Matched Set Potentiometers

- Jupiter Vintage Tone Mustard Capacitors.

-Wired 50's style for authentic vintage sound and feel.

-Switchcraft Vintage Pre-Wired Long or Short shaft toggle switch.

Our kits are hand assembled buy us in the UK to improve your tone!  We take great pride in using the best components that work and sound better than the stock electronics often found in your guitar.  We start by sorting through the already great CTS Total Vintage Tone “TVT” pots to create matched sets to give you an even response when rolling down your volume and tone controls.  We then fit a Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitor which are designed as a replacement for the Blue Moulded and Yellow Astron capacitors used in early Blackface and 60’s Fender amps and now used by boutique amp builders including Dr Z Amps and many others.  These are way over spec for a guitar tone control but offer a clear smooth control and most importantly they sound great!!

This is a prewired harness for USA Gibson Les Paul's. Carefully wired “50’s Style” and grounded with vintage spec buss wire for a great vintage tone. For guitars with metric sized pots you may need to enlarge the holes for the US sized post and also you may need US Spec knobs.

The PREMIUM Kit also includes a Switchcraft Toggle Switch that has been pre wired with Vintage style Braided wire, a length of black sleeve that is used to cover the braided wire that goes to the socket and a Switchcraft Mono socket.

This kit is all you need to upgrade your Les Paul to true 50's Vintage wiring.

If the switch is mounted through the body, Les Paul style, then you will need to select the Deep Thread Nut option below

In The Kit:

  • (4) 500K TVT CTS Long Shaft Potentiometers with 9.5mm (3/8") Shaft Diameter and 19.0mm Threaded Length.
  • (2) 0.02uf Jupiter Yellow Vintage Capacitors
  • (1) Switchcraft Long or Short Shaft Toggle Switch Pre-Wired with Vintage Braided Wire.
  • (1) Switchcraft Mono Socket
  • (1) Length Black Sleeve
  • (1) Wiring Diagram

What’s so special about ’50s style wiring? It affects your tone in three major ways:

1. The overall tone gets stronger, tighter, and more transparent. It’s difficult to describe, but you might say it’s more “in your face.”

2. The typical treble loss that occurs when rolling back the volume is much less than with standard wiring. Both the volume and tone controls become more responsive, and they react more smoothly without the usual hot spots. Another bonus: By simply rolling back your guitar volume a bit, you can clean up an overdriven amp without getting lost in the mix.

3. The tone and the volume controls interact with each other—something you might be familiar with from certain tweed-era Fender tube amps. When you change the volume, the tone changes a little bit as well, and vice-versa. This may be strange at first, but you only need a few minutes to get used to it.

Our CTS TVT split shaft pots are made to fit USA Spec push-on knobs. Import Guitars will need new USA Spec Knobs. We recommend that you slightly crimp together the top of the potentiometers shaft ever so slightly so that when you go to push on the knob you don't damage the pot shaft by exerting too much downward pressure.

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