Lindy Fralin Blues Special Pickups Set with Base Plate

Item number: LF41009

Lindy Fralin are one of the premier makers of custom wound guitar pickups and these Blues Specials really live up to their name, used by pro players who want that Strat sound but with something extra under the hood.

Blues Specials are 5% Hotter than stock vintage output with killer tone for modern blues and rock players! If you're looking for that Strat sound with just a bit of grit and thickness this is the Fralin Pickups set for you.  You will notice that this set has a bit more mid push, sure the highs and everything else that you would want from a Strat set is there but with a bit more mids pushing through.

Wound with 42 gauge SPN magnet wire, staggered Alnico V magnets, black fibreboard coil forms, wax potting to reduce microphonics and vintage style cloth covered output leads. Approximate ohm readings 7K bridge, 6.2K middle, 6.2K neck.

These Blues Specials have been fitted with a base plate and will give you 10% more bass without affecting the mids or highs.

This set has an RW/RP reverse wound/reverse magnetic polarity middle pickup for hum cancellation in the 'out of phase' positions two and four on a five way pickup selector switch. 

Lindy's custom made mint pickup covers and mounting hardware are included, you can choose alternative pickup covers from the drop down below, we also offer Art of Aging covers at a discount when purchased with a set of pickups.


  • Alnico 5 magnets Stock Stagger
  • 42 gauge SPN magnetic wire


  • Neck: ~6.2K ohms
  • Middle: ~6.2K ohms Reverse Wound
  • Bridge: ~7.0K ohms

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