Lindy Fralin Real '54s Pickups Set

Item number: LF41005

Lindy Fralin are one of the premier makers of custom wound guitar pickups.  The Real 54’s are made with bevelled Alcino 3 Magnets with a calibrated magnet stagger that is reminiscent of the 60's Strat pickups.  They are wound with correct gauge Formvar wire to aprox 6.0K for the Neck; 6.0K for the Middle and 6.8K for the bridge, the middle is RWRP. 

Don’t think that because these are called 54’s they are somehow polite and jangly, sure they can do that but through a Tweed or Marshall amp they just sound full and glorious and will rip it up with the best of them.

This is a wonderfully balanced set with clear classic Strat tones that will deliver full, strong clean tones full of harmonic overtones, they sound great with some crunch and with pedals.  We like to start with these set to a pole to string clearance of 3.0mm on the bottom E and 2.5mm on the top E and then work from there but that should pretty much do it.  These are the pickups are very forgiving just plug, play and enjoy.

The Alcino 3 magnets allow the strings to move more freely and add to a long note bloom and great sustain, a very musical set of pickups and one of our favourite recipes.

Base Plate version is listed separately and will give you 10% more bass without affecting the mids or highs.

This set has an RW/RP reverse wound/reverse magnetic polarity middle pickup for hum cancellation in the 'out of phase' positions two and four on a five way pickup selector switch. 

Lindy's custom made mint pickup covers and mounting hardware are included, you can choose alternative pickup covers from the drop down below, we also offer Art of Aging covers at a discount when purchased with a set of pickups.


  • Alnico 3 magnets Stock Stagger
  • Formvar Magnetic wire


  • Neck: ~ 5.9k
  • Middle: ~ 5.9K Reverse Wound
  • Bridge: ~ 6.5K

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