Aluminium Stratocaster Pickguard Shield HSS

Item number: CH24074

Banish cycle hiss and hum from mains when lighting and other equipment is on the same circuit as the stage and from stray radio signals.  No wiring required just fit on the underside of your pickguard.

Especially made for Charles Guitars, these aluminium shield plates are cut from 0.4mm sheet stock and there are no burs or tool marks that are common with other die stamped plates. .

Humbucker cutouts are oversized to allow for differences in the location of the Humbuckers in this style of pickguard with oversized cut outs for the mounting screws. 

Leo Fender, being a radio engineer, knew a thing or two about interferance and so in the early 60's all Strats had a shield plate.  These are more versatile with the 50's 8 hole pattern and the '62 and '64 11 hole pattern pickguards. In addition the holes are slightly oversized to allow for small differences and will work with almost all Strat type pickguard.


  • 0.40mm aluminium sheet stock
  • Laser cut
  • Fits '62 and '64 and most other pickguards.
  • Period correct.
  • No cutting and sticking, it's held in place by the pots and pickups.
  • It can be removed and used in another guitar.
  • No need to run an earth wire between the pots as the Aluminium Shield carries the earth which is also 1960's correct.

With your Guitar Shielded you can eliminate the "click" that you get when you touch the string as well as other hiss and hum.

Print PDF template of our HSS Shield Plate